Car Battery Disposal Brisbane

Car Battery Disposal Brisbane

Eco-friendly Car Disposal Battery Services

Looking for a car battery disposal company in Brisbane? If you leave your old car battery around the house or dispose of it along with your household rubbish, then it’s going to pollute the environment. The majority of often dispose of via Council supplied household rubbish bins. Furthermore, it leads to considerable damage to Rubbish Collection Vehicles which results in firing at times. Eventually, the winding up of these hazardous substances in landfills slowly breakdown and then leaching acid and toxic lead into the soil and groundwater. Therefore, choosing a reliable & licensed battery recycling company is a need of the hour.

There are various companies offering battery recycling services but only a few of them offer eco-friendly services. At Battery Recycler Qld, our in-house appraiser knows all ins & outs of the correct way of disposing of scrap batteries. We are committed to providing the best cash for old car batteries near me. Though, you will get the doorstep amount via cash, credit card, or bank transfer, whatever payment mode suits you best. Got a Question?

Free Scrap Battery Pick-up Brisbane Wide

By choosing us, you won’t get only an eco-friendly car’s disposal battery near me & desired cash but also free scrap battery pickup anywhere in Brisbane. You don’t need to drop off your used lead-acid batteries at our place. We have a skilled team for battery removals right from your location. Moreover, we come along with top dollars & pay you on the spot. So, don’t let your car’s battery acid leak into the environment. Moreover, our battery containers are of premium quality ensuring no leakage of any acid to the environment & safe transportation of your batteries to the Australian Recycling facilities.

How Does Our Car Battery Disposal Process Work Brisbane?

All the car batteries and other lead-acid batteries are being sent by us to approved & licensed Battery Recycling Facilities i.e., Department of Environment and Heritage Protection!! Even though, you can also track the legal process that’s done by us. In Australia, more than 97% of the original battery are being recycled and out of them, a very small amount is disposed of as slag. The processing of lead-acid battery recycling includes breaking of the old batteries to get leads. Furthermore, to get sulphuric acid as sodium & plastic as polypropylene chipssulfate.

This way, you can save both massive natural resources & protect the environment from pollution. In Brisbane, we recycle 85 – 90% of used lead-acid batteries every year. So, let’s contribute with us in the recycling industry & call ahead to know the further process.

Can We Drop Our Old Car Batteries off at Junkyard?

Yes, you can drop it off at the scrapyard but it’s not recommendable. The reason being is that they have a poor track record; however, they don’t have good transport which may lead the acids into the environment. It’s better off to choose a safe company i.e. Battery Recycler Qld !!

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