Who We Are?

Battery Recycler Qld is a group of professionals who recycles all types of Car Batteries for Cash in Brisbane. We have been working in the recycling industry since September 2014. Our in-house team comes out to your premises & pick up all over Brisbane.

Being a licensed & authorized firm, we consider as the leading reliable business when it comes to Car Battery Recycling for Cash. When you choose to deal with us, you can totally count on us for both legal & responsible disposals. We do the entire battery recycling process in an environment-friendly manner & saves our Mother Nature!!

Scrap Battery Recycler Qld
Cash For Battery

We Offer Cash for Scrap Battery Brisbane – Immediate Payment

We pay immediate cash for all kinds of batteries right at your doorstep. Even it doesn’t matter how ages your car battery is, we’ll pay the highest possible amount of cash. Our Company buys your batteries irrespective of any condition for the best cash on the spot. You can ask for the amount via cash, credit card, or bank transfer whichever method suits you perfectly.

Brisbane’s Old Battery Buyer – The Right Way of Disposal

We recycle 40 – 50 tonnes of scrap batteries per month & the figure is increasing day by day. Our staff knows all ins & outs of How To Dispose of batteries in Brisbane in a safe & secure manner. We aim for customer satisfaction & enhancing Green Auto Disposals & Recycling Services. Our business operates with a waste disposal permit and waste tracking system that discloses the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection. However, you can cross-check the tracking of your old or junk batteries whether we have done the disposal process legally or not.

Selling your unwanted or scrap batteries to us means that you are contributing to the environment’s protection. It’s not better for the environment alone but also for local business. We buy any battery no matter what condition. All the batteries that we purchase from you are being sent to a recycling plant in Australia. They recycle the acid & then convert the plastic into wheelie bins and the lead processed into ingots and exported overseas. Our hassle-free & eco-friendly process makes us the remarkable Battery Recyclers across Brisbane regions.

What are the Benefits of Battery Recycling Brisbane?

  • Battery Recycling saves massive natural resources by re-using old or waste materials.
  • The Recycling of Batteries Prevent Pollution
  • It reduces the solid waste that would otherwise be thrown into landfills
  • By Recycling Batteries, you can save lots of energies that used in new products
  • It opens more job opportunities for the people due to the requirement of people in the process
  • Battery Recyclers Brisbane offers 100% Green Recycling without asking any single dollar
benefits of battery recycling

How Does It Work?

Want to know the worth of your useless battery? If you live in Brisbane, then contact the team of Battery Recyclers Brisbane!!

Request Free Online Quotes Today

Once we get the inquiry, we’ll get back to you over call for discussion. Based on the condition of your battery, we offer cash quotations. It’s obligations-free. In simple words, accept, reject it or take time to think over it, the ball is in your court.

Schedule Free Battery Removal

If you get satisfied with our offer, then we’ll schedule free battery pick-up anywhere in Brisbane. However, there are no hidden charges for it. Furthermore, we organize battery removal in such a way that it causes very little disruption to your business.

On the Spot Payment

In this manner, you can avail of big bucks for your scrap battery from us. Even though, we also create Recipient Created Tax Invoice (RCTI) at times at the time of sale if required. Ready to get cash for old car batteries near me? Let’s talk to our experts Right Away!!

Why Choose Battery Recyclers Brisbane?

  1. Unbeatable Cash for all Useless Batteries on the Spot
  2. Free Battery Pick-up anywhere in Brisbane
  3. Authorized & Licensed Business
  4. Simple & Streamline Process
  5. Free Eco-friendly Battery Recycling Services
  6. 100% Customer Satisfaction
  7. Get Access to waste tracking system

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the Best Place to Recycle Car Battery In Brisbane?

The Nearest Battery Recycling Centre is Battery Recycler Qld; however, you can contact us !! We recycle all types of batteries, call ahead & ask your all doubts if any. Besides selling, you will also earn top dollars out of useless car batteries.

What are Your Drop-0ff Locations in Brisbane?

Brisbane Battery Recyclers offer free pick-up battery services all over Brisbane Regions. There are no hard & fast rules regarding the locations; however, where ever you are in Brisbane, call us & schedule free removal for your junk car battery.

How Do You Dispose of Batteries in Brisbane?

We are a legally insured, bonded, authorized & registered battery recycling company for cash in Brisbane. We send useless batteries to a recycling plant in Australia where all the process of recycling is done appropriately. Even though, we offer the tracking system” Department of Environment and Heritage Protection” which shows that your batteries are recycling legally without harming Brisbane’s surroundings.

Do You Offer on the Spot Payments for old Battery?

Our business of Battery Recyclers in Brisbane works on one policy – Recycle Car Batteries For Quick Cash!! We aim to deliver doorstep cash on the same day of battery removal right at your doorstep. It can be via cash, credit card, or bank transfer, whatever suits you hassle-free.

We are ultimate car battery recycling  solution for Small Business, Multi National Corporations, Regional Councils and Governments. Our in-house team specialize in handling large quantities of Used Lead Acid Batteries (ULAB’s), which are EPA registered. We adhere to adopt most technologically advanced battery recycling facility. Addionally, our fleets of trucks used for collection & transportation of waste batteries are EPA registered. Being an repuatble leading business, we provide prompt payment methods that best suit our customers. Let’s dive into another incredible benefits that you will get from us